New 'The Sims 4' DLC expansion pack may have been spotted online; could bring back apartments

(The Sims 4 official web site)A new expansion pack may be coming to 'The Sims 4'

"The Sims 4" could be on the receiving end of some new content pretty soon, as the latest rumors appear to have pinpointed a new expansion pack that may be released for the game.

Recently, the Twitter account "@OSimBR" has been sharing a lot of interesting bits of information related to this possible add-on.

First off, the account shared what appears to be a screenshot of a listing that may be detailing content related to "The Sims 4."  The bits of information appeared on a Brazilian video game rating web site.

The contents of the screenshot seem to indicate that the listing in question is for something produced by EA and that whatever it is, it was also apparently produced this year.

Furthermore, the contents of the screenshot also seemingly indicate that the listing is for something known as "The Sims 4: Vida Na Cidade (EP3)."

"Vida na Cidade" roughly translates to "City Life."

Since the emergence of the listing, it appears that the listing that initially surfaced on the rating web site seems to have been taken down.

It's still unclear exactly what the apparent emergence of the "City Life" expansion pack could mean for "The Sims 4," though as "@OSimsBR" noted, it could mean that apartments will be made available in the game.

EA has yet to hint at the next big expansion coming to the game, though the recent leaks can certainly give fans something to get excited about.

In related news, "The Sims 4" players can now get their hands on the newly available Grim's Ghoulish Guitar.

Players who want to get the new guitar will have to sign up to receive emails from EA regarding the game, other titles, as well as news about upcoming events and promos, as noted over on the game's official web site.

More news about "The Sims 4" should be made available in the near future.

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