PlayStation 5 release date rumors: Why a true next gen console may not be coming anytime soon

(Facebook courtesy of PlayStation)

Sony's future plans for their upcoming hardware offerings are seemingly clear, with the PlayStation VR and PS4 Neo expected to be big releases. But things aren't quite as certain when it comes to the status of the PlayStation 5.

Probably one the biggest reasons why the fate of the PS5 is so seemingly unclear may also be because of those aforementioned products.

For those who may have missed it, Sony has already confirmed that an upgraded version of the currently available PS4 will be coming soon.

In an earlier interview with the Financial Times, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House confirmed the existence of the more advanced PS4, also known as the PS4 Neo, and even indicated that it is intended to stay in the market alongside the company's current generation console.

At the very least, it seems as though the introduction of the PS4 Neo will delay the release of the PlayStation 5, but another Sony product may contribute to it never becoming a reality at all.

The PlayStation VR is coming later this year, and in fact, Sony has just announced that it will be released on Oct. 13.

While it remains to be seen exactly how gamers will react to the new wave of VR properties being released, if things go well, it may be wise to expect the gaming industry to lean more heavily towards these offerings.

If VR turns out to be a hit, then launching a new console such as the PlayStation 5 may be more difficult to do since it may not be able to offer anything substantially new that can't already be obtained via either the PlayStation VR and/or even the PS4 Neo.

With the PlayStation VR and the PS4 Neo already expected to offer high-end technological features, what else is there for a new next generation console to bring the table?

At this point, it may be too soon to say that there is no longer any room for a true next generation offering such as the PlayStation 5, though the next few months and years may provide Sony with all the information they need to determine if there is still a market for a new console.

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