'Prison Break' season 5 spoilers, plot news: Michael's ultimate goal is to see his wife and son

(Facebook/Prison Break)Shown is the latest poster for "Prison Break" season 5, aka "Prison Break: Resurrection."

A new poster for the upcoming season 5 "Prison Break" has been released recently, and it teases that the adventures of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) will be bigger than the past seasons of "Prison Break" as it will feature them not just escaping from prison but also from a nation as Michael will be bent on returning to his wife and the son he has not seen yet. 

The last episode of "Prison Break" was aired back in 2009 via what was thought to be its series finale then. However, apparently, "Prison Break" is not done telling its story yet as, after killing Michael in the season 4 finale of "Prison Break," it will be revealed that he is alive and imprisoned in Middle East.

It has been learned that some fans are actually wondering if the events in the upcoming season of "Prison Break" will be tied to season 4 finale. Hence, on their official Instagram account, the writers of "Prison Break" season 5 assured the fans that it will be connected to the past season, a validation of FOX CEO Dana Walden's earlier statement that the series will logically and believably explain why Michael is still alive despite being dead in the season 4 finale.

According to reports, "Prison Break" season 5 episode 1 will come with an episode title "Ogygia." Fans of Homer know too well that Ogygia is the place where Odysseus was imprisoned by the nymph Calypso, hence, it is expected that the upcoming episode will feature some parallelism to the poem, apart from the fact that "Prison Break" season 5 will feature a fictional Middle East place called "Ogygia," where Michael has been imprisoned all along.

"My character's whole objective is to get home to my wife and the son I've never met. But, the question is, will I still be recognized when I get there," Miller revealed to Entertainment Weekly in July last year.

How did Michael end up being alive in Ogygia? How will he and Lincoln make their escape from the nation?

Find out when "Prison Break" season 5 premieres on FOX this April 4 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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