'Rise of the Tomb Raider' DLC 3 news: Lara fights zombie-like creatures in 'Cold Darkness Awakened'

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Lara Croft has encountered big adventures for years; she had fought with mercenaries, ancient soldiers and even wild beasts. But with "Tomb Raider's" latest DLC, the main protagonist finds herself battling once-human creatures.

"Cold Darkness Awakened" DLC is now playable in different gaming platforms and Lara is now facing a new kind of threat. The heroine will deal with humanoids that resemble zombies physically, but the game doesn't call them zombies.

As stated in the DLC's description, the monsters are a result of a breached Cold War research base. The illness that came from the research starts to spread and the Trinity soldiers surrounding the research facility transform into murderous creatures.

Players will need to complete fresh challenges and make it past new types of enemies to help Lara put a stop to the chaos. As how Xbox puts it, the protagonist will need to "rely on her wits, physical agility, and crafting abilities to overcome this new enemy and shut down the decommissioned base."

YouTuber sneaky snake has already uploaded the gameplay footage (shown below) of "Cold Darkness Awakened" and it features the monsters which are not the usual slow and dumb zombies. These transformed monsters are actually capable of combat and they run fast. They even use weapons such as knives and explosives to bring down Lara.

As previously reported in "Tomb Raider" blog, the new DLC also includes the Ushanka outfit, which Lara can wear so she receives less damage when engaging in melee attacks. Lara will also get to use the Voidhammer shotgun.

"Cold Darkness Awakened" is free for Season Pass holders of "Rise of the Tomb Raider." For those who didn't buy the Season Pass, they can still get the latest and the final DLC of the game separately through Microsoft Store and Xbox Store.

The game's season pass includes the Endurance Mode and the "Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch" DLC.


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