Twitter ventures into online shopping with new Product Pages and Collections features


Twitter will forever be a game changer in the social media arena because of the way it revamped "microblogging." Even with its strict adherence to a 140-only character post, Twitter has become a real-time source of information for many. And now, with its inclusion of product pages, Twitter may also be the new platform for online shopping.

With an extensive database that includes 300 million users, Twitter is tapping into using this reach to bring an online shopping feature to its pages. Improving on its direct response product advertising, the social network service launched last Friday, June 19, the new page, "Product" and the collaboration-based "Collection," which will factor into the buying feature of Twitter.

The brand new "Product" page will be a dedicated page where tweets about certain products and even places will be organized while "Collection" will collate suggestions and recommendations in line with a user's favorite brand or even celebrity, television show, or movie and is easily available through a button that says "Browse Collection." As of now, Twitter has already collaborated with 41 big product names including Nike and Disney, as well as with celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Demi Lovato.

Sellers opting into these features will have a choice of selling directly on Twitter or linking to a website that will allow Twitter users to purchase. This means that for some products, users will not be buying directly on Twitter but will simply be re-directed to other websites.

After a major revamp in its management, a significant dip during its first quarter returns and a bleak outcome for the second quarter, this updated feature of Twitter may just be what the company needs.

Aside from its CEO, Dick Costolo, choosing to step down on July 1, Twitter has also seen a slash of nearly third of its earnings for the first three months of this year. Fortunately, the latest announcement about the new online shopping feature has boosted the company's stock by 3.7%.

The Twitter updates have rolled out on the website, iOS and Android.

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