'Watch Dogs 2' release date news, update: sequel to come with DX12 support; GameStop listing spotted

(Ubisoft official website)Screenshot from the 2014 Ubisoft game "Watch Dogs"

Ubisoft, the game developer and publisher of many memorable and popular game titles, has recently confirmed the existence of the much-awaited game sequel "Watch Dogs 2." According to PC Gamer, the studio has confirmed the title not once but twice. The first one was back in February when the company published its sales announcement.

The second and the most latest one of all was announced during the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) at the press briefing of GPU and CPU manufacturer AMD, as reported by The Country Caller.

However, the most surprising bit during Ubisoft's appearance at GDC 2016 was the fact that "Watch Dogs 2," once it comes out to the market, is going to be supported by DirectX 12 or DX12 as what other graphic game enthusiasts call it.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not drop any other specific details for "Watch Dog 2." However, The Country Caller reports that the game sequel will most likely come out on the current-gen consoles, Sony's PlayStation 4 and on Microsoft's Xbox One, and on the Windows PC platform.

Meanwhile, a listing from the popular gaming store GameStop for the sequel "Watch Dogs 2" was recently discovered. As reported on PlayStation Lifestyle, the game sequel is going to be compatible to the current-gen consoles, which can be quite obvious considering that these are the only available powerful gaming rig today, aside from the PC, of course.

However, since there is no official word yet coming from Ubisoft regarding the specifics of "Watch Dogs 2," it is highly advisable for fans to keep an open-mind, for the time being. Needless to say, it's best to take the circulating reports with a pinch of salt, and consider it as mere speculations until proven otherwise.

"Watch Dogs 2" is being expected to be out in the market sometime next year, probably by March, said PlayStation Lifestyle.

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