'WWE 2K17' DLC rumors: Some additions featured in 'New Moves Pack' may be viewable now

(Twitter courtesy of @WWEgames)'New Moves Pack' may be released soon for 'WWE 2K17'

The "New Moves Pack" is expected to be the next downloadable content package made available for "WWE 2K17," but players may not have to wait for its official release before they can see some of what it features.

Apparently, some players have been able to preview some of these new moves ahead of schedule.

According to a recent report from Power Up Gaming, some of the new moves can apparently be previewed in MyCareer mode. Specifically, players may be able to see these moves in action by checking them out at the Purchase Moveset menu.

Players should know that the moves can only be previewed for now, so they will still have to wait for the DLC pack's official release before they can assign it to their created Superstars.

Developers have previously revealed some of the moves that are included in this upcoming DLC pack.

In a recent post on the game's official website, developers shared that Zack Ryder's Elbro Drop, Samoa Joe's Face Wash Combo and Charlotte's Swingout Neckbreaker are among the devastating moves that will soon be made accessible to players.

That's not the full list, however, and players can reportedly expect the "New Moves Pack" to bring plenty of additions to "WWE 2K17."

According to an earlier report from Power Up Gaming, 39 different moves that can be assigned to individual wrestlers may be featured in the pack, while an additional five moves may be made available for tag teams.

It's worth noting that support for the "New Moves Pack" was already added to the game previously via Patch 1.04, so this downloadable may come out sooner rather than later.

"WWE 2K17" players interested in gaining access to all the additions in the "New Moves Pack" can purchase it on its own for $3.99 or as part of the game's $29.99 season pass.

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