• image-of-pope-john-paul-ii

    Thieves steal Pope John Paul's blood from Italy church

  • pope-benedict-david-cooney

    Ireland reopens Vatican embassy as relations thaw

  • bp-shareholders-meeting

    Church of England says unlikely to quit fossil fuel investment

  • pope-francis

    Pope attacks abortion, calls on governments to support the family

  • nigel-farage

    Migrants help says Welsh church leader as UK weighs Bulgaria, Romania influx

  • tax-avoidance

    European action on tax-dodging not always matching rhetoric says report

  • pope-francis-pope-benedict

    Prominent gay rights magazine honors Pope on 77th birthday

  • pope-francis

    'I'm no Marxist,' Pope Francis tells conservative critics

  • russias-president-vladimir-putin

    Putin says Russia's power is moral as well as military

  • newspaper-story-on-pope-francis

    Vatican lauds Pope as Time 'Person of the Year', but says he's not seeking fame

  • bishop-duleep-de-chickera

    UK think-tank sees common ground for churches in heated sexuality debates

  • croatia-marriage-definition-referendum

    Croats set constitutional bar to same-sex marriage

  • archbishop-thabo-makgoba

    Tutu, religious leaders resist drive to make S. African area ungovernable

  • co-operative-bank

    UK police arrest former bank chairman, Methodist pastor in drugs probe