• same-sex-marriage

    Christian leaders rejoice, saddened after US same-sex marriage rulings

  • rand-paul

    Presidential hopeful worried US is funding Christian persecution

  • shamed

    Filmmakers start film project to help Christians fight porn

  • biola-university

    As minority, US Protestants need to change stance, says professor

  • hobby-lobby

    Pro-life firms take fight against US abortion mandate to courts

  • eric-holder

    US department gay employees' directive angers Christian group

  • texas-governor-rick-perry

    Texas governor will sign 'Merry Christmas Bill' despite protest

  • gay-boy-scout

    Admission of gays to US Boy Scouts divides churches

  • us-illegal-immigrants

    Christian group lauds new US immigration bill

  • us-immigration

    Illegal immigrants in US 'overwhelmingly Christian,' says study

  • james-dobson

    James Dobson says he too was targeted by US tax authority

  • franklin-graham

    Conservative Christian groups complain of targeting by US tax agency

  • Faith groups oppose California 'bathroom bill' for transgenders

  • us-immigration

    Inter-faith leaders speak out on US immigration bill