• jerry-brown-archbishop-jose-gomez

    Nearly one in five US Catholics of Mexican origin, survey finds

  • archbishop-of-new-york-timothy-dolan

    US Catholic bishops elect new leaders concerned with poor

  • u-s-supreme-court

    At US high court hearing, passions over religion and its rules

  • rally-against-mass-surveillance

    Italian magazine says US spies listened to Pope, Vatican says unaware

  • pastor-carl-sanders

    Indiana pastor stops robbery peacefully after drawing handgun

  • jim-wallis-at-wef

    US church leaders weigh in on 'unbiblical' politicians in budget fight

  • catholic-clergy

    Poll finds US Catholics support Pope's pronouncements

  • anti-islamic-film-protest

    California man behind anti-Islam film freed from federal custody

  • alabama-church-bombing

    Alabama marks anniversary of racial bombing that sparked change

  • pastor-terry-jones

    Florida pastor freed from jail after thwarted 9/11 protest

  • supporters-of-ousted-egyptian-president-mohamed-mursi

    Coptic Christians in Washington DC protest US stand on Egypt conflict

  • julian-castro

    Christian groups in Texas city oppose pro-gay discrimination law

  • acquittal-of-george-zimmerman-in-the-trayvon-martin-trial

    Black pastors react after acquittal in racially-charged US case

  • coptic-pope-tawadros-ii

    Egyptian Coptic Pope supports ousting of Morsi

  • arizona-firefighters

    Christians seek to comfort deceased US firefighters' community