• franklin-graham

    Conservative Christian groups complain of targeting by US tax agency

  • Faith groups oppose California 'bathroom bill' for transgenders

  • us-immigration

    Inter-faith leaders speak out on US immigration bill

  • US city to apologize for arresting missionaries at Arab event

  • admiral-william-lee

    Pentagon religious controversy continues on National Day of Prayer

  • plan-b-morning-after-pill

    Selling of morning-after pill to 15-year-olds draws pro-life flak

  • nra-forum-ted-cruz

    Texas senator challenges US Vice President to gun control debate

  • chaplains

    US military retreats on earlier proselytizing statement

  • michael-mikey-weinstein

    Evangelicals blast US military for stance on evangelism in the ranks

  • jason-collins

    Christians call on ESPN: Suspend Broussard after gay NBA player remarks

  • tim-tebow

    Celebrated Christian quarterback no longer wanted by NFL team

  • marijuana-legalization

    New poll: 50 percent of young US Christians support legal pot

  • Rhode Island set to be 10th state to legalize gay marriage

  • gabrielle-giffords-mark-kelly

    Gun control groups strike back at US senators

  • faithful-budget-campaign

    US interfaith group preempts impasse with alternative budget