• blackberry

    On BlackBerry's 64 percent share plunge, 'While you can cut your way to profitability, you cannot cut your way to revenue' - Analyst

  • baidu-headquarters-in-beijing

    US judge rules Chinese search engine can block pro-democracy searches

  • boeing-x-37b-after-landing-at-vandenberg-air-force-base

    Top secret US space plane breaks space endurance record

  • microsoft-building-17-front-door

    Microsoft releases cloud-based mobile management suite

  • ministry-of-national-defense-in-the-peoples-republic-of-china

    China vows to toughen Internet security

  • computer-recycling-for-earth-day

    Sales of desktop PCs will continue to slide

  • ee-kestrel-phone

    EE to launch cheapest 4G handset in the world

  • the-facebook-drone-in-concept

    Facebook to use drones to transmit the Internet

  • firefox-logo

    Mozilla fixes flaws uncovered in hacking contest

  • tux-the-penguin-mascot-of-linux

    Banks turning to Linux to replace Windows XP on their ATMs

  • google-glass

    Ray-Ban, Oakley to make Google Glass

  • president-barack-obama-with-nsa-during-g8

    Obama meets with tech industry leaders on US government spying

  • gmail-logo

    Google encrypts Gmail; toughens online security

  • lisa-graf

    Intel hasn't given up on the desktop PC