• whatsapp

    WhatsApp Warns of Malicious Apps After Reports of Possible Chat Theft Vulnerability

  • apple-ios-7

    Apple iOS 7.1 Adoption Rate Hits 12 Percent after 45 hours

  • windows-xp

    Microsoft Windows XP says: 'It's Time To Say Goodbye'

  • google-and-apple

    Google and Apple rule OS and devices respectively - mobile market study

  • apple-vs-samsung-smartphones

    For Samsung, it's business as usual in the U.S. as court declines Apple's request to ban its older smartphones

  • galaxy-s5

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 pops up in FCC listings

  • ms-office-365

    Office 365 will be a more intelligent collaboration suite - Microsoft

  • nokia-lumia-with-windows-phone

    Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.5 released prematurely

  • apple-maps-app

    Apple's iOS 8 to include improved Maps app

  • galaxy-tab-pro

    Here comes Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, released March 9

  • sprint-and-t-mobile

    Sprint and T-Mobile should expand coverage, studies show

  • google-nexus-5

    Google admits Nexus 5 battery drain issue; Will send fix

  • milk-music

    Samsung adds more taste to music

  • findery-launch

    Findery for iPhone: Reading and Writing Notes on Virtual Billboards