• uss-ponce

    US Navy to deploy first laser armed warship this summer

  • oracle-headquarters-buenos-aires

    Oracle reports rise in revenues to $9.3 billion

  • microsoft-ceo-satya-nadella

    Microsoft Office to debut on Apple's iPad

  • jennifer-doudna-uc-berkeley

    UCB and UCSF launch revolution in genetic engineering

  • man-running

    Apple to launch body-monitoring app for iPhones

  • iphone-5c

    Apple launches cheaper iPad in the U.S.; cheaper iPhone 5c overseas

  • android-wear

    Google to market wearables line called Android Wear

  • iphone-5c

    Apple Releases 8GB iPhone 5c on UK carrier O2

  • noteone

    Microsoft releases free version of OneNote for Mac and Windows

  • galaxy-tab

    Galaxy Pro Series: Samsung Takes Down Three Tablet Rivals in One Ad

  • WhatsApp reassures users of the integrity of their data

  • google-hangouts-logo

    Google Hangouts hit by service disruption

  • atm-windows-xp

    Failure to upgrade from Windows XP will cost many banks dearly

  • nasa-logo

    NASA fears collapse of industrial civilization

  • 3d-printed-piece-of-canal-house-in-amsterdam

    Dutch firm building a house with a giant 3D printer