• mozilla

    Mozilla stops 'Metro' Windows 8 Firefox as interest has been "pretty flat"

  • xbox-one-sales-vs-ps4-sales

    Xbox One and PS4 sales soar: Will Titanfall become the top game?

  • sprint

    Sprint introduces Sprint Prepaid at $45 a month

  • galaxy-core-advance

    Galaxy Core Advance: Samsung announces accessories for the visually impaired

  • asus-transformer-book-duet-td300

    Google and Microsoft pressure Asus to cancel Android-Windows Phone tablet

  • wechat

    China cracks down on WeChat messaging accounts for violating regulations

  • barnes-noble

    Barnes & Noble let go of Windows Nook app

  • ms-office-365

    Microsoft introduces 'Office 365 Personal' subscription

  • target

    Target admits ignoring data breach warning signs

  • facebook

    'The Government should be the champion of the Internet, not a threat' - Zuckerberg

  • apple-inc

    Apple iOS 8 will have TextEdit, Preview, Tips and Healthbook

  • 12-jobs-likely-to-be-replaced-by-robots

    Robots are most likely to replace people in these 12 jobs

  • microsoft

    Microsoft will free some manufacturers of Windows Phone fees

  • amazon-prime

    Amazon Prime membership rises to $99 a year

  • t-mobile

    T-Mobile promises unlimited data and broader coverage