• 12-jobs-likely-to-be-replaced-by-robots

    Robots are most likely to replace people in these 12 jobs

  • microsoft

    Microsoft will free some manufacturers of Windows Phone fees

  • amazon-prime

    Amazon Prime membership rises to $99 a year

  • t-mobile

    T-Mobile promises unlimited data and broader coverage

  • united-airlines

    iOS users will get personal entertainment onboard United

  • google

    Google releases update for Android Store, protects buyers from accidental purchases

  • unreal-engine

    Mozilla & Epic Games bring Unreal Engine 4 online to fast track web-based gaming

  • android-updates

    Google Wallet and Google Translate - Latest Wednesday Android updates plus 'Light Flow' info

  • apple-retail-store-fifth-avenue

    Apple amends iPhone return policy from 30 days to two weeks

  • yahoo

    Yahoo and Yelp collaborate to fight Google

  • makerbot

    MakerBot announces Replicator Z18 3D Printer

  • twitter

    Twitter went down, and the cyber world went panic

  • flappy-bird

    'Flappy Bird' may fly back to mobile games stores, but warning users to take a break

  • google-drive

    Google Drive launches add-ons to Google Docs and Sheets

  • htc-one

    All new HTC One update: Leaks on how its dual camera works