• tetris-philadelphia-building

    The iconic Tetris videogame announces its comeback in style

  • twitter-summary-card-for-the-web

    Twitter is about the be deluged with ads

  • physicists-steve-jefferts-front-and-tom-heavner-work-on-the-nist-f2-atomic-clock

    New hyper-accurate atomic clock is now the US' official timekeeper

  • android-emblem

    Here comes Android TV from Google

  • amazon-dash-gadget

    Amazon invades your kitchen with Dash

  • microsoft-mix-essentials-event

    Microsoft cracks down on adware; warns developers to follow new rules

  • rajiv-shah

    USAID, Hillary Clinton launch Global Development Lab to fight poverty

  • android-kitkat-symbol

    Android KitKat use doubles but Jelly Bean rules

  • former-mozilla-ceo-brendan-eich

    Eich resigns as Mozilla CEO after anti-gay marriage flap

  • microsoft-tweet-on-12-million-office-for-ipad-downloads

    Microsoft elated over 12 million Office for iPad free downloads in just a week

  • usb-type-cconnectors

    The next gen USB cable simplifies connections

  • yahoo-sunnyvale-offices-night

    Yahoo completes total encryption of data center traffic

  • blackberry-q10-witn-inside-secure-nfc-technology

    Intel to acquire leading-edge NFC technology from French firm

  • windows-on-the-internet-of-things

    Microsoft seeks to dominate the 'Internet of Things'

  • amazon-fire-tv-unveiled

    Amazon unveils video and game streaming set-top box for HDTVs