• firefox-logo

    Mozilla cancels touch enabled Firefox browser for Windows 8

  • alibaba-headquarters

    Alibaba to IPO in New York

  • surface-pro-with-windows-8-pro

    Microsoft speeding-up XP's demise

  • icann-headquarters

    U.S. and ICANN to part ways in 2015

  • tablet-pc

    Sales of consumer electronics accessories to rise in 2014

  • registration-for-gdc-2014

    GDC 2014 opened Monday in California

  • google-glass

    When Google Glass becomes dangerous

  • ps4vsxboxone

    Xbox One's hot debut as console war is heating up

  • selfie

    Apple's 'Sharing Selfies' gets self-snappers everywhere

  • steam-controller

    Steam controller redesigned with Xbox influences: Would please Xbox One and PS4 gamers

  • mozilla

    Mozilla stops 'Metro' Windows 8 Firefox as interest has been "pretty flat"

  • xbox-one-sales-vs-ps4-sales

    Xbox One and PS4 sales soar: Will Titanfall become the top game?

  • sprint

    Sprint introduces Sprint Prepaid at $45 a month

  • galaxy-core-advance

    Galaxy Core Advance: Samsung announces accessories for the visually impaired