'Percy Jackson 3' release date not happening; book series might be a TV show instead

(Percy Jackson)It seems like "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" will be the last movie of the franchise to star Logan Lerman as Poseidon's son

The "Percy Jackson" film franchise has already released two movies, namely "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief," and "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters." Fans are now wondering when the next installment will be released. However, there are speculations going around that the third film, which will most likely be titled "Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse," may no longer push through.

Logan Lerman, who happens to play the title role, was interviewed two years ago by Music Television (MTV) News and was asked if there would ever be another "Percy Jackson" movie. Lerman replied that the said project may no longer be a possibility. He added that the experience of making the two "Percy Jackson" films was great and it paved the way to a lot of movie projects for him.

After his first stint as the god of the sea's son in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief," he also starred as d'Artagnan in 2011's "The Three Musketeers." Another notable project that he took part in was the 2014 film "Noah" where he played Noah's son, Ham. Furthermore, he was also one of the cast members of the motion picture "Fury" which starred Brad Pitt and was released the same year.

Lerman will also star in the upcoming film dubbed "Indignation" where he will play the role of a Jewish laborer and student from New Jersey. This will be released on July 29. In addition, there's another film project that's currently in the works titled "Sidney Hall" where he will be playing the title role.

Meanwhile, there were rumors that "Percy Jackson" might be transitioned from the big screen to a TV series with The CW as the chosen network. However, if the "Percy Jackson" TV show does push through, the management will be getting a new actor to play the part of "Percy Jackson."

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