• malaysian-muslim-activist

    Malaysia ruling party tightens embrace of Islam to gain support

  • terri-roberts

    Amish school shooter's mother goes public with healing message

  • pope-francis

    Americans increasingly say patients can be sometimes let to die: Survey

  • malaysian-muslim-activists

    UN expert urges Malaysia to reverse restriction of 'Allah' to Muslims

  • syrian-christians

    Pope asks Middle East governments to protect Christians

  • zabulon-simantov

    Last Jew in Afghanistan faces ruin as kebabs fail to sell

  • martin-junge-munib-a-younan

    Lutherans see Malaysia 'Allah' ban for Christians violating religious freedom

  • ecuadors-president-rafael-correa-bolivias-president-evo-morales

    Ecuador president says his National Assembly betrayed him on abortion

  • college-football

    Former NFL player Craig James takes legal action after Fox firing

  • malaysian-muslim-demonstrators

    Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims

  • pope-francis

    Pope Francis' message is simple: Listen; don't judge each other

  • ecumenical-orthodox-patriarch-bartholomew-i

    Orthodox Christians lead Roman religious tolerance edict celebrations

  • orthodox-jews

    Decline in numbers of religious followers worries some US Jews

  • waiting-for-pope-francis

    Delight and concern as Catholics digest Pope's interview