• South African 'Open Mosque' to welcome non-Muslims and homosexuals

  • signpost-near-irish-catholic-church

    Evangelical Christians, religious groups want secular education in Irish schools

  • dunkin-donuts-sign

    Dunkin' Donuts to face US federal court accused of religious discrimination

  • saudis-embrace-filipino-converts-to-islam

    27 Christians in Saudi Arabia arrested for using house as a church

  • ultra-orthodox-jewish-youths-study

    Jewish group expelled from Guatemalan village

  • indian-christian-conversion-to-hinduism

    Extremist Hindus 'forced reconversions' spark Indian Christians' alarm

  • maronite-patriarch-beshara-al-rai

    Lebanese Muslim officials denounce Arab region assault on Christians

  • sikh-motorcycle-club-member-on-bike

    Canadian law requiring wearing of motorcycle helmets irks Sikhs

  • joel-osteen-victoria-osteen

    US megachurch co-pastor Victoria Osteen accused of idolatry

  • christians-worship-in-sudan

    Sudan church demolitions continue, 500-member Khartoum church shut

  • woman-convert-from-christianity-to-hinduism

    Christians in Northern India alarmed at 'forced conversions'

  • faith-freedom-coalition-road-to-majority-conference

    US public school removes sports chaplains, bans Bibles

  • franciscan-waving-flag

    Archbishop urges vigilance against US religious freedom threats

  • indonesias-borobudur-temple

    Indonesia's Borbudur Temple security upped after IS threat to raze it