• irish-humanist-wedding

    Irish Catholic Church reels after Yes vote wins gay marriage referendum

  • boris-johnson

    London's mayor Boris Johnson hits out at UK betting 'scourge'

  • candy

    Reduce sugar intake, World Health Organization advises

  • shyreen-mvula

    Zimbabwe health aide blames Catholics, Adventists for HIV persistence

  • filipina-nun

    Filipino priests advised not to give last rites due to fears of spreading deadly virus

  • mcdonalds-and-starbucks-sign

    'Porn Free WiFi' campaign still working on McDonald's, Starbucks in US

  • halal-food-shop-australia

    Australian Muslims hit back at halal critics as not knowing facts

  • protest-at-brunei-owned-hotel

    Sex Mountain attracts Muslim pilgrims in Indonesia

  • egyptian-sumo-wrestler-osunaarashi

    Japan gearing up for more Muslim tourists

  • russian-orthodox-cheese-factory

    Orthodox monks in Russia start Italian cheese factory

  • peoples-climate-march

    Interfaith declaration on climate change [Full text]

  • britains-prince-harry-desmond-tutu

    Invictus Games opening ceremony: Prince Harry, Michelle Obama delivers heartfelt opening messages

  • ozzy-osborne

    Rockstar Ozzy Osborne talks of 'spousal suicide pact'

  • u-s-food-vendor

    'It's time to deal with junk food,' says UN expert

  • sister-cristina-scuccia

    Singing nun going back to convent after sensational win in the Voice of Italy